Sunday, August 22, 2010

Review Credit Card SCAM- My own experience - Please Stay Alert.

Now I re-think back, all the SCAM used the same method, they are using one kind of Hypnosis method in the 30min conversation with me, it only will work if they are able to arouse your greedy/desire贪. They can always change their way but concept is the same. This time, their systematic way worked on me on that precise timing.

In the same time of retrieving your personal info like bank account, credit card info and etc.

They are keep on asking logic questions which the answer you will said yes or setuju.


We will monitor all of your account, do you agree. Sure you will say yes
If there is someone transact your account within this three day of monitoring, we will call you, do you agree, you will say yes also.
Bank Negara will buy insurance for you, any lost within this three day, will be covered by this insurance, do you agree?
A lot this kind of question, you will say yes,
When come to some instruction/question which is Abnormal or not so good to you, you brain will automatically do/say yes.

There is one Hypnosis Master shared before that most of us are vulnerable to this Hypnosis and the only way to prevent from being hypnosed is “Without Greedy/Desire 不贪”。Like my case, I am greedy on convenience to settle it over phone after they managed to make me confused and nervous, convenience of settle all security pin for all my ATM card with their help (I believe as well), convenience that they can help me investigate this issue and I not need to pay for fake card usage. I should go back to branch of the card to find out.

But without greedy/desire, our life cannot improve. You will like to stay on what you are. This is depend on how we balance it.

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