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评论南洋新闻“不满储蓄投资变保险 商人斥银行职员误导”

其实,是储蓄保险(endowment)的一种,回酬的确不高,可能在定存左右,有些更少,但是它还不失是一种强制储蓄的工具之一,对没有纪律储蓄的人是 很好的,但是想对于想积极投资,得到更高回酬,该考虑信托或股票或专注投资的投连保单(investment link)

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PPA: How much do you need to save enough for your retirement?

Rule of thumb is to save/invest extra 10% salary into Private Retirement Scheme (on top of 23% in EPF) in order to have a 2/3 of income replacement for your comfortable retirement lifestyle

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How much do you need to save enough for your retirement?
Dato Steve Ong says, "You will need to save 1/3 (or 33%) of your monthly income to replace 2/3 (67%) of your income for your retirement. The good news is that you are already saving 23% with EPF - You just need to save an additional 10% in PRS!

Comment on News "Bank Negara warns public to beware of get-rich-quick schemes"

I always tell everyone to be-careful of any investment scheme, please check with below screening rules as a minimum guideline

a) It is legal? (Check with Bank Negara or Securities Commission)
b) It is simple and easy to understand?
c) Its return is too good to believe or have (Whatever annual return more than 20% and above and some more in short term, be careful!!!)
d) It is creating value to human kind and to you in the same time?
e) Ask for more advice from legal profession like Licensed Financial Advisor if you are doubt about it.
f) Do not believe the idea of "free lunch", "get rich faster" and etc.

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Bank Negara warns public to beware of get-rich-quick schemes

Monday, July 11, 2016

MFPC's JWMFP Book Review on "The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secret of America’s Wealthy"

MFPC's Journal of Wealth Management & Financial Planning (JWMFP) Volume 3  Issue/2016