Tuesday, August 30, 2016

(10 CPE SIDC,8CPD FIMM) Course: The secret to a happy retirement @ PG

 HRDF/CPE/CPD Course: The secret to a happy retirement @PG

Date: 8 Sept 16 (Thur)
time: 9am-6pm
Venue: Fin Freedom

1. Redefine Retirement
2. Provide DIY retirement tool
3. Optimize current Nest egg
4. HRDF Claimable
5. 10 CPE & 8 FIMM CPD points awarded

1. Allow the participants especially matured adult to plan well for their retirement, have a peace of mind to maintain work life balance and stay focus on job.
2. Allow the participants to master winning strategies to optimize their nest egg to achieve their retirement.

Who should attend?
Everyone, who is matured enough to learn how to craft and master their own retirement lifestyle

Learning Outcome
1. Participants should be able to better manage of client’s finance and retirement life.
2. Participants should be able to help their client take control of their own life, family and money.
3. Participants should be able to guide their clients to live life to the fullest and in the same time giving and helping those needed.

Course Outlines
1. Define your retirement
2. What kind of retirement life you want
3. How much nest egg you have to fund your retirement?
4. What are strategies to optimize your nest egg?
5. Preparation to retirement
6. Summary

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Comment on "Growing pains of high healthcare costs"-The Edge


Like what i shared in class
1. Medical Cost increases nearly 15% yearly compare global medical inflation of 10%,which means it will double in every 5 years.
2. Government's interfere on medical cost is needed
3. Government need to come up a "National Medical Scheme" soon for all but must avoid making the same mistakes in "Sihat Malaysia" Scheme.
4. It is a known fact that Government Hospital equipped with best medical equipment/facilities, fresh and origin medicine/vaccine and some sophisticated medical treatment which cannot find in Private Hospital and of course long queue in order to have the treatment is unavoidable.
5. Those who are government servant (especially first class), organ/blood donor and Infectious Diseases patience will have the first priority of accessing Government Hospital's treatment.
6. Having a sufficient coverage of personal medical card will allow you have more choice (Hospital, Doctor and etc) when needed