Monday, February 11, 2019

Current Issues and Trends that affect our Capital Market, Economic, Daily Financial Practice & Investment Decision

I am having two training class about "Current Issues and Trends that affect that our Capital Market, Economic, Daily Financial Practice & Investment Decision" on 13 Feb in Penang and 25 Feb in KL. This time i will add more discussion on Minimun Wages, Employment Insurance System (EIS), RPGT, Critical Illness for B40, Fund my house, some FinTech/Local and Global Market updates and etc. If have more time, i will discuss cyber-security as well. 

i) Current Issues and Trends-Law/Act Change
ii) Current Issues and Trends-Technology Evolution
iii) Current Issues and Trends- Financial Technology (Fintech)
iv) Current Issues and Trends-Global and Malaysia Economic Outlook
v) Current Issues and Trends-Others

Who Should Attend
a) Directors, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Team Leaders, Decision Makers who are committed to lead their team toward financial wellness and successful in career and life.
b) Financial Professionals who look for upholding their skills, professionalism and knowledge in order to serve their clients better.

1) HRDF Claimable under SBL Scheme
2) CPE / CPD point entitlement
a) SIDC CPE – 10 points
b) FIMM CPD – 8 points
c) AICB CPD – 8 points
d) MFPC CPD – 8 hours (only applicable for MFPC’s member & subject to own application with MFPC for the CDP endorsement)

Contact Person(s)

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