Thursday, June 30, 2016

HRDF/CPE/CPD Course: A simple yet practical financial plan tool @ PG 14 July 16 Thur

Your client worries about money...
Your client worries about future
How you give them a hope....

CPE/CPD/HRDF Course: A Simple yet practical financial plan tool
Date: 14 July 16
Venue: Fin Freedom Training Lounge
Time: 9am-6pm

☆Financial Health Check
☆Practical Financial Plan tool given
☆Case study
☆HRDF Claimable
☆10 CPE & 8 FIMM CPD points awarded (Pending approval)

1. Help clients and ownself to construct a simple yet practical financial plan
2. Employ the tool to plan and gains commitment from client and open business opportunity on financial solutions proposed

1. Participants should be able to better manage of the client’s finance through financial planning tool.
2. Participants should be able to help their client take control of their own life, family and money.
3. Participants should be able to guide their clients to live life to the fullest and in the same time giving and helping those needed.

Target group
Remisers, CMSRL License Holders, Private Bankers, Bank Relationtion Managers, Registered & Licensed Financial Planners/Advisors, Investment Bank management and staff, Commercial Bank Management and Staff, Islamic Bank Management and Staff, Public and Industry Related Professionals, Stock Broking firms' management, Business Reporters and Public

Course Outline
1. Knowing you financially.
2. Overview of Financial Planning & the important of financial planning
3. Important of having a goal
4. Financial Plan’s goal, resources and gaps
5. Formulate Financial/Investment Strategies.
6. Develop Action Plan and Review Schedule.
7. Q & A & Summary

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