Saturday, August 14, 2010

Credit Card SCAM- My own experience - Please Stay Alert.

Today I hit by Credit Card SCAM and I lost RM5k to this SCAM. Really a huge lost for a lesson, please help to forward

The tricks they are using is, (03-21698888)call me in the early morning and ask me whether I call to request to increase limit for my MBF card, I said nope, I don’t have MBF card, she said you applied on May and purchased something at Sentosa Singapore on June, now already reach 8.5k, the mailing address of this card is Sibu Sarawak-Applied at Sibu Branch. I denied. She gave me Bank Negara phone to report this fault to Bank Negara. I really stupid did not check properly the phone is from MBF card and also Bank Negara.

When I called Bank Negara, they act professionally that want to record down all the phone conversation, got report number, want me disclose all my saving, current and credit card, as they want to block it and monitor all the transaction for this three days investigation, they will catch if got any transaction made during this three days, ask me not to perform any transaction, don’t tell anyone as it will cause problem to investigation, and after investigation, they will issue letter to MBF card that this is fault and not need to bear the 8.5k, Later, polis will call you if anything needed. About 30min of conversation from my phone to fake Bank Negara

He told me to wait another call from his colleague to reset all my ATM card transaction as there is a special code inside ATM card, she asked me to bring my Maybank and PB Bank Account ATM, to nearest Branch to wait her further request. I followed.

Later, she (03-27826889) ask me to disclose all the amount insides (I have 7k in my Public Bank Account, of course not my money, is society money), for record purpose then ask me to follow steps she mentioned, I just followed, first round of steps just to confuse me, the second steps is to transfer 4999.40 to one Maybank Account (112028150548) but she did not mentioned is transferring, but just to reset pin in ATM the steps, she said is the investigation polis name, he will return me after complete investigation, she said not need to worry, remember this is still under 3 days investigation, any amount lost during this three days investigation is covered by Bank Negara Insurance, later she persuade me to follow each steps, transferred is done, but not reach to the stage she mentioned, so she blamed me too slow and did not follow his instruction, so I started to suspect something, I argue with her why is like that, money already transferred, she said stay calm, will transfer back to you soon but want me find another 10k so that she able to transfer back, I said don’t have, she asked me to borrow, later she reduce to 6k, I suspected something wrong, she hang up phone and asked to call back after got enough 6k if, not she cannot helped.

Only then I call to Bank Negara-got from website, found it is a scam, I need to cancel all my credit card and ATM cards, nothing much can be done from Bank, Polis and Bank Negara.

As I heard from Public Bank, yesterday also got the same scenario, so far she heard of 3-4 cases recently.


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感恩子佑师兄的分享,Sadhu ,愿大家提高警惕,不要中老千的套。。。
Sharon Xue Hua

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sorry to hear about that 子佑 & thanks to share this with us.

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Yong Chu Eu (杨子佑) said...

Already made polis report, wait how polis can do